Three Billy Goats Fluff Author: Rachael Mortimer Illustrator: Liz Pichon
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Format: Picture Books, Paperbacks

Age Range: 3-7 years

Publication Date: September 2011

BISAC: JUV012030, JUV019000, JUV051000

Pages: 32

Book Format Detail: Hardcover

Retail Price: $15.95

ISBN-13: 978-1-58925-101-4

ISBN-10: 1-58925-101-6

Dimensions: 9-3/4" 10-1/2"

How is Mr. Troll supposed to sleep when the three Billy Goats Fluff keep trip-trapping over his bridge? Twice a day, they loudly cross it to eat the lush green grass in the field by Mr. Troll's home. But when Mr. Troll threatens to eat them, Mother Goat has a fluffy plan to keep everyone happy!

Lexile: AD530

It's clear a mother's work is never done when her three Billy Goats "Fluff" irk a notorious troll with sensitive hearing.

Annoyed by the bridge's obnoxious vibrations, sleep-deprived Mr. Troll posts stern warnings above his abode (“TRIP-TRAPPERS WILL BE EATEN!”) in a fruitless attempt to soften the prancing of noisy hooves. When the goats trip-trap along undeterred, he snarls a rhyming threat: “When I'm tired and feeling blue, / there's nothing quite like little goat stew!” Petrified, the nervous siblings run their little tails home to their mother, who sits, knitting adorable accessories for her boisterous trio. Mama sympathizes with the grumpy ogre (she understands the necessity of sleep first-hand) and sets forth a tantalizing truce. Mama's hobby provides fuzzy booties to finally muffle her children's clip-clopping. The rhyming verse is nothing to shout about, but most of the narrative is in a pleasingly deadpan prose. Sunny, bold spreads highlight the emerald-green troll (with stubby tufts of hair and long, manicured nails), and his outraged expressions convey each building annoyance. Quirky elements amuse (the goats' yard sign in sweater-form reads “fluffy stuff for sale”).


August 1, 2011, Kirkus Reviews


I absolutely love this book. So delightfully sweet, teaching kindness and happy solutions. The new three billy goats classic by far! Ashana.


This is a great story right before bedtime. I love the point of view of the troll.


I love fairy tales. It is so fun to read one that is a little different, makes it feel new, fresh and unique. Rachael Mortimer gives this classic tale a fun and humorous twist. The illustrator gives the ugly green troll a not so scary almost adorable appearance. The little billy goats are just way too cute!!!! But more than that, children learn that there is always a solution to a problem and that with lots of compassion and thought, they can come to a solution or compromise.


I love this book! The Three Billy Goats Gruff was never my favorite story as a child. It kind of scared me. In this updated humorous version, Mr. Troll is feeling out of sorts because the newspaper advertisement for his new apartment hadn't included how noisy it was. He's trying to sleep, but those three Billy Goats Fluff keep trip-trapping over his bridge and waking him up. He acts out in frustration and the young goats don't know what to do. But Mother Goat sympathizes with Mr. Troll's problems and wants to help.

The Three Billy Goats Fluff is funny and adorable. Young readers will learn consideration for others and the importance of working together, while they are entertained by a charmingly illustrated story. Liz Pichon provides the artwork for this one and it is outstanding. Even the goats' house is fluffy and the troll is fierce, but not frightening.

If you only buy one book for your children this holiday season, it should be this one.