One Special Christmas Author: M. Christina Butler Illustrator: Tina Macnaughton
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Format: Picture Books, Holiday

Age Range: 3-7 years

Publication Date: September 2013

BISAC: JUV017010

Pages: 32

Book Format Detail: Unjacketed Hardcover w/Flocking

Retail Price: $14.99

ISBN-13: 978-1-58925-145-8

ISBN-10: 1-58925-145-8

Dimensions: 9-1/8" x 11-1/4" x 3/8"

It’s Christmas Eve, and Santa is sick! He can’t deliver the presents, so he asks Little Hedgehog to do it for him. Little Hedgehog eagerly sets out with Santa’s sled, but there are too many presents for one small hedgehog to handle. How will Little Hedgehog ever deliver them in time for everyone to have a very special Christmas?

October 15, 2013, Booklist

Little Hedgehog is merrily whipping up a holiday treat when something thumps outside his window. It's a sled filled with presents and a note from Santa; turns out Santa's got a case of the sniffles and needs Little Hedgehog's help with the local delivery. Our eager hedgehog sets off but soon runs into trouble--first he hits a bump and sends the gifts flying; then his hat turned sack unravels, spilling gifts as he travels along. Luckily, with the help of woodland folk who know the true meaning of Christmas, the deliveries all get made. This is the latest title to feature Little Hedgehog (One Snowy Night, 2007), and it's sweet, if somewhat generically written. The bright, painterly artwork and interactive "touch-and-feel" elements, which were unavailable for review, add to the package. Kelley, Ann. Booklist Online. 

September 1, 2013, Kirkus Reviews

The latest entry in the Little Hedgehog series finds him delivering Christmas gifts for Santa Claus, who is stuck at home with a cold. When the story opens on Christmas Eve, Little Hedgehog finds a note from Santa and a sled loaded with presents outside his door. Being a helpful hedgehog, Little Hedgehog pops on his favorite red stocking cap and sets off in a hurry to get the job done. The plot unfolds with one mishap after another. First, the sled goes downhill too fast, and the presents fall out into the snow. Hedgehog uses his red hat as a stretchy sack to load up the presents, but a strand of wool catches on a bush, and the hat unravels, spilling out all the presents once again. Badger comes to the rescue, and finally, the two succeed in delivering all the gifts to the forest animals. The illustrations include a few textural highlights of velvety flocking, as in some of the previous Little Hedgehog stories, but this rises beyond the gimmick. It has a stronger plot with more drama than most of his other books, along with the usual cuddly-cute critters. A strong outing for Little Hedgehog; the cozy Christmas setting is a bonus. 

October 1, 2013, School Library Journal

Santa has a terrible cold and asks Little Hedgehog from One Snowy Night (Good Books, 2004) to deliver some presents for him. Putting on his toasty red hat, Little Hedgehog is on his way. After delivering to the Mouse family, he rushes down a hill a bit too fast and crashes into a snowdrift with a BUMP! He comes up with the brilliant idea of using his red hat to gather the scattered presents; luckily, his friends are on hand to help out when the hat unravels and dumps presents everywhere. The warm Christmas feeling is brought to a close when Little Hedgehog discovers a gift in his home, a brand-new hat and a "Thank You" note from Santa. Macnaughton's illustrations are charming and the velvety feel of the red hat is perfect for young readers who enjoy a bit of a tactile experience. A fun selection. Diane Olivo-Posner, Los Angeles Public Library. 

September 16, 2013, Publishers Weekly

When Santa gets a cold, he leaves a sleigh full of presents outside Little Hedgehog's home with a note: "Would you be able to deliver these Christmas presents for me?" Little Hedgehog is happy to assist, but his delivery plan literally unravels, and the gifts are thrown out of the sleigh. Luckily, his woodland friends step in to help save Christmas. Although readers may wonder why Santa doesn't have a more substantial backup plan, Butler delivers a snug and cheery story about teamwork and improvisation in this touch-and-feel book, and Macnaughton's endearing characters exude a tender, cooperative spirit. Touch-and-feel elements not seen by PW. 


If your child has read Butler’s One Starry Night, then they’ve already been introduced to Little Hedgehog and his friends. This is the first book in this series I’ve read. The first book featured sparkly stars. This one is a Touch-and-Feel Book featuring fuzzy red velvet accents on many of the pages. Youngsters will enjoy discovering these soft textured patches as they follow Little Hedgehog’s adventuresome night trying to deliver all the presents for Santa to make sure everyone has a special Christmas.

Tina Macnaughton has provided the charming illustrations for One Special Christmas. The deep blue, icy white, and the reds, greens, and golds of Christmas make this a lovely book.

Your child will be eager to read this sweet tale over and again.