Bedtime Prayer Illustrator: Sanja Rescek
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Format: Padded Board Books

Age Range: 2-5 years

Publication Date: September 2013

BISAC: JUV033060

Pages: 24

Book Format Detail: Board Book with Padded Cover

Retail Price: $8.99

ISBN-13: 978-1-58925-606-4

ISBN-10: 1-58925-606-9

Dimensions: 7-7/8" x 7-7/8"

Young animals give thanks for all of the treasures that God has given. There are so many things to be thankful for—the sun and moon, the bountiful food we enjoy, friends, songs, games, time spent together, and so much more. This beautifully illustrated book is just right for sharing with young children who are beginning to understand the wonders of Our Lord.

October 1, 2013, Kirkus Reviews 

It's the end of the day and time for little ones to head to bed and say their prayers. This offering is a long nighttime prayer in verse offering thanks to God for everything good in a child's world. This includes the bright blue skies and songbirds of a new day, "creatures great and small," foods from the garden, friendship and music, and "home, sweet home." The poem also offers thanks to God for his love, care, wisdom and guidance: "You teach me to be kind, / To be patient, good, and strong. / You guide me on the path / To know what's right from wrong." The lengthy, singsong (and occasionally clunky) verse isn't likely to keep children engaged, but it might successfully help ease them into peaceful sleep. The illustrations depict cuddly baby animals--a dog, kitty, bear and lamb--and, in a few instances, a caregiver or two joining in the fun. The cheerful scenes have a soft, quiet quality that contributes to the offering's overall soporific effect, as does the padded cover reminiscent of a cushy blanket. Best for parents looking for a sweet nighttime prayer ritual to share with toddlers and preschoolers. (Board book. 2-6). 24pg. Online Review.