When You Need a Friend Author: Suzanne Chiew Illustrator: Caroline Pedler
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Format: Picture Books

Age Range: 3-7 years

Publication Date: March 2015

BISAC: JUV039060

Pages: 32

Book Format Detail: Jacketed Hardcover

Retail Price: $16.99

ISBN-13: 978-1-58925-173-1

ISBN-10: 1-58925-173-3

Dimensions: 10" x 11-1/4"

Badger is home in the old oak tree when his friend Mouse appears. "Have you heard?" Mouse cries. "There's a terrible storm coming!" Kindhearted Badger works hard to keep his friends' homes safe. But now he doesn't have time to reinforce his own home. Will it survive the storm?

It's raining, and Ben is bored. His dad suggests reading or searching for dragons. His mom offers up the idea of making a rocket. None of these suggestions appeal to Ben. Instead, he comes up with the idea to build an indoor fort. With big smiles on their faces, his parents reply in unison, "But a monster might move in!" Ben is doubtful that will happen. And for a long time it doesn't. It's pretty uneventful as Ben imagines himself in roles like a pirate or knight--soon he begins to hope a monster would move in. Poof! Turn the page and meet Burple, the cute monster sporting a T-shirt and sneakers. The friendship between Ben and Burple starts slowly. But that changes when they team up for adventures that include building a rocket from a vacuum cleaner. Since the cover of the book shows Ben and Burple sitting next to each with smiles on their face, it's no surprise when they become friends. However, this is a book that lends itself to discussion and asking children predictive questions. Illustrations are colorful and cartoonlike. Children will relate to the issue of boredom when real friends are not available for play dates. VERDICT With these friendly monster illustrations, many children may wish they had a Burple that could come and visit for the day. Robin Sofge, Alexandria Library, VA. 32p. Preschool-Grade 1. SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, c2015.<!--EndFragment--> 

Is there someone you count on through thick and thin? When Badger learns that a terrible storm is approaching, he doesn't hesitate before rushing in to help his friends. "Don't worry!...We'll make your homes as strong as castles!" he reassures Mouse, Bird, Rabbit and Hedgehog. Colorful and appealing illustrations with just the right amount of detail show Badger as he quickly sets to work building, reinforcing and protecting various domiciles, while straightforward text full of chatty dialogue traces his progress. Before long, the other animals are calm and reassured that their homes are safe, and Badger heads back to his own beloved tree. But on the way, the storm hits, and Badger takes refuge with Rabbit's family. When the weather clears, Badger finds that he's the one without a home. Is there anything anyone can do? You bet--especially if everyone is willing to work together. While readers and listeners may not find a strikingly original message here, they will find an important and satisfying one, surrounded by comfort and gentle affection and rounded out with a charming song. A fine addition to any collection. Young listeners will readily embrace this warm tale of friendship, cooperation, and community. (Picture book. 3-6). 32pg. KIRKUS MEDIA LLC, c2014.<!--EndFragment--> 

Bad weather is on the horizon, and Badger is more than willing to help his forest friends prepare their homes against the storm. But when the rains start falling and the wind starts blowing, it is Badger's home that is demolished. Now that the storm has passed, Badger and his friends work together to rebuild a place for him to call home. A classic tale of friendship and teamwork comes alive with soft illustrations and lifelike expressions on the animals' faces. Chiew and Pedler work well together pairing text to image. VERDICT This is a great addition to any library, whether readers are looking for a lesson on teamwork or just an enjoyable story. Betsy Davison, Cortland Free Library, NY. 32p. PreS-Gr 2. SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, c2015.