Little Puppy Lost Author: Holly Webb Illustrator: Rebecca Harry
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Format: Picture Books

Age Range: 3-7 years

Publication Date: March 2015

BISAC: JUV002190

Pages: 32

Book Format Detail: Jacketed Hardcover

Retail Price: $16.99

ISBN-13: 978-1-58925-170-0

ISBN-10: 1-58925-170-9

Dimensions: 10" x 11-1/4"

Harry the puppy is lost! Two bigger dogs chased him out of the park. He can't find his best friend, Emma. And now it's getting dark and a little bit scary. Will poor Harry ever find his way home? Maybe with the help of a brand-new friend....

A little puppy's first walk in the park turns into a harried adventure in Webb's picture-book debut. Harry, a playful pup, is having a grand old time in the park with his young owner, Emma. In all his excitement to chase after a bright-red ball, he slips off his leash. Bigger dogs, not interested in the little ball, chase Harry, who ends up hiding beneath a tree. Luckily for him, Ginger, a wise and gentle orange tabby up in the tree, tries to help Harry find his family. Unfortunately, once it gets dark and everyone leaves the park, the two realize they are truly lost. So Ginger teaches Harry how to forage in the garbage for food, and while sniffing out the good stuff, Harry smells familiar scents that bring him home. But what about Ginger? Happily, there seems to be room enough on Emma's lap for more than one pet. Each illustration is full of vibrant color and soft lines, which lend a sense of texture and warmth. A sweet and mild story of adventure and friendship. Mazza, April. 32p. Preschool-Grade 1. AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, c2015.

A picture book about a lost puppy's adventure, ultimately finding friends and home.Harry, a tiny puppy, is brought to the park by his best friend, Emma. Overexcited, he chases after a ball and then is himself chased by two large dogs. Escaping them, he becomes lost. A friendly stray cat named Ginger leads him back to the park, but darkness has fallen, and Emma is gone. Ginger leads Harry to town, where, as they are raiding garbage cans in an alley for dinner, a large cat threatens Ginger. Tiny Harry finds his voice and barks, scaring it away. Then Harry smells home, and the two friends make their way there. Reunited with Emma, Harry remembers Ginger, and the final illustration shows both Harry and Ginger on Emma's lamp, fed and warm and home. The simple story is heartwarming, especially for animal lovers, and the final double-page spread is a treasure. But too many of the other illustrations lack a liveliness of line, so successfully rendered in Marc Simont's lost-dog story, The Stray Dog (2001). Readers will appreciate the clever endpapers, but they may puzzle over the title page illustration, which shows the puppy ensconced in its round, safe bed--positioned center page (a design placement of stability)--with no hint of any tension to come. Pleasant and heartwarming but with somewhat sluggish illustrations. (Picture book. 3-7). 32pg. KIRKUS MEDIA LLC, c2015.<!--EndFragment--> 

Harry is a little pup on his first foray into the park with his owner Emma. When his new collar slips off and he's chased by bigger dogs, he ends up alone and quite lost in the woods. Luckily he's discovered by a friendly tabby cat named Ginger who knows her way around and how to get back to town and find tasty snacks along the way. The two get in and out of a few scrapes until Harry follows his nose home. Ginger is welcomed into the family and everyone settles down for the evening with a full belly. VERDICT A sugary sweet selection. Melisa Bailey, Harford County Library System, MD. 32p. PreS-Gr. 1. SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, c2015.<!--EndFragment-->