Very Greedy Bee Author: Steve Smallman Illustrator: Jack Tickle
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Format: Paperbacks

Age Range: 3-7 years

Character Traits: Sharing Cooperation

Publication Date: March 2010

BISAC: JUV002140, JUV039220

Pages: 32

Book Format Detail: Paperback

Retail Price: $7.95

ISBN-13: 978-1-58925-422-0

ISBN-10: 1-58925-422-8

Dimensions: 10-3/8" x 9-1/16"



 That's what the very greedy bee says to anyone who asks him to share. While the other bees work hard, the greedy bee is busy gobbling pollen and guzzling nectar. Until one day, the greedy bee finds a meadow full of the biggest, juiciest flowers he's ever seen, and he decides not to tell ANYONE. . . .  Soon he's too full to fly, and worse, he doesn't know how to get home. Will anyone help a very greedy bee?


Lexile: AD560

Accelerated Reader: 123401

PreS-K –A greedy bee guzzles nectar and gobbles pollen, and won't share with anyone. He won't even let a tired ladybug rest on his flower. One day the bee comes upon a meadow full of juicy blossoms. He goes from flower to flower, slurping up all he can, all the while growing fatter and fatter, until he is unable to fly home. He is scared, especially when he sees two eyes glowing from the long grass, but then discovers that they are fireflies, and they offer to escort him home. At last they reach the bank of the stream, and he is assisted across by a team of ants with a big leaf. When the bee finally arrives home safely, he offers to share his best honey with his new friends and his fellow bees. The cartoonlike artwork, with bold, rounded, brightly colored creatures, leaps off the page. The rousing text, replete with sound effects and varied fonts, will work well with groups. A pleasing addition for larger collections. —DeAnn Okamura, San Mateo County Library, CA


May 2007, School Library Journal

This very greedy bee always finds the best nectar, but he doesn't like to share with his friends. One day, he finds a meadow full of beautiful flowers and plenty of nectar, but he decides not to tell any of his friends. Instead, he slurps each flower and becomes bigger after every slurp. Finally, after a long nap, he realizes that he is too full to fly home. Two nice fireflies offer to help him find his way home in the dark. When the greedy bee reaches home, he is so thankful to the friends he has made along the way, and he realizes that he should share his honey and nectar. The author uses very simple and fun text. The pictures are soft and beautifully illustrated. —Diane Lucero


December 2007, Heart Of Texas Literature Center


A greedy little bee doesn't like to share his nectar. He won't even share his flower with a tired lady bug just looking to rest. When the greedy little bee discovers a meadow of big juicy flowers, rest assured he won't let anyone else in on his little secret. He slurps up all of the nectar from the flowers and he gets fatter and fatter and soon he can no longer fly. He takes a nap and when he awakes its dark and spooky. Very frightened he gets help from two little fire flies wondering about and a little group of ants help him cross the stream. When the greedy bee finally gets home the other bees through him a party and he happily shares his best honey with his new found friends.

This vividly colored story will have your children smiling the whole time they read about the greedy little bee. This cute story will have your children learning and wanting to share and make new friends.