A Tickle on the Tummy!

Author: Sophie Aggett

, Illustrator: Katie Saunders

$9.99 / CA$12.99

ISBN: 9781664350243 Category:

ON SALE DATE: March 8 2022

PUBLISHER: Tiger Tales


DIMENSIONS: 7.06 in x 7.06 in

AGE RANGE: 3 - 5


In this engaging, interactive board book, young readers can press each happy animal’s tummy, which features a soft, squishy touch-and-feel element on every fun spread.

Young readers can press each happy animal’s tummy for a fun touch-and-feel experience! The bears do handstands when their tummies are tickled, and the lambs leap into the sky, flying around in circles. Tickling the puppies’ tummies makes them spin around on their tails, while the kittens sing songs when they are tickled. The monkeys giggle and juggle bananas, which fly high into the air and land on the ground with a splat. But watch out for the baby sharks, because if you tickle them, they just might tickle you back! Includes a soft, squishy tummy to press!

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