Agent Llama: Double Trouble

Author: Angela Woolfe

, Illustrator: Duncan Beedie

$17.99 / CA$23.99

ISBN: 9781680102857 Category:

ON SALE DATE: August 16 2022

PUBLISHER: Tiger Tales


DIMENSIONS: 9.88 in x 11.25 in

AGE RANGE: 3 - 7


In this hilarious follow-up to Agent Llama, hero Charlie Palmer has met her match–a troublemaking alpaca who has dropped spaghetti on everyone and everything all over the world, and has placed the blame on Charlie! Can Charlie outwit the alpaca and clear her name–and save the world?

Charlie Palmer, super spy and secret agent, is back in a hilarious new adventure. Reports of spaghetti falling from the sky are coming in from all over the world. But the worst part is that Charlie is the suspect behind the mayhem! Charlie sets out to discover who really has upended the world with these antics and meets her match–an alpaca whose goal is to cover the sun in spaghetti! Can Charlie stop her before it’s too late?

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