Doggy Dance Off

Author: Steve Smallman

, Illustrator: Rob Starling

$18.99 / CA$24.99

ISBN: 9781664300255 Category:

ON SALE DATE: September 12 2023

PUBLISHER: Tiger Tales


DIMENSIONS: 10 x 11-1/4

AGE RANGE: 3 - 7

All the coolest dogs in town meet at the Doggie Dance-off to show off their best dance moves—and they’re intrigued by a newcomer who wows the audience with her amazing moves. Who is she?

At the Doggie Dance-off, the coolest dogs around gather to show off their best dance moves, eat snacks, and listen to DJ Patch, who keeps the music going. Eva the golden retriever struts across the dance floor; Doug the pug likes to spin on his back on the floor; and Duke Doggy Doo bounces around like a kangaroo! Then one day, a masked stranger comes in and dances better than anyone has ever seen. Who is she?

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