How It Works: Dinosaur

Author: Amelia Hepworth

, Illustrator: David Semple

$9.99 / CA$12.99

ISBN: 9781664350229 Category:

ON SALE DATE: July 5 2022

PUBLISHER: Tiger Tales


DIMENSIONS: 7.81 in x 7.75 in

AGE RANGE: 2 - 5

This interactive board book, which features layered die cuts throughout, is the perfect way to introduce curious toddlers to Tyrannosaurus rex.

Dinosaurs were simply amazing! Take a look inside and learn all about how the Tyrannosaurs rex worked with this interactive layered die-cut board book. Simple callouts, such as “sharp teeth,” “powerful tail,” and “skull” invite even the youngest reader to explore the workings of this mighty creature. Topics covered include how big scientists think it was, how it hunted, what it ate, how it moved around, and more. Packed with fun facts and accessible information, this first introduction to the king of the dinosaurs is perfect for curious toddlers.

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