Looking for Mommy

Author: Becky Davies

, Illustrator: Anna Doherty

$9.99 / CA$12.99

ISBN: 9781664350144 Category:

ON SALE DATE: February 22 2022

PUBLISHER: Tiger Tales


DIMENSIONS: 7.81 in x 7.75 in

AGE RANGE: 2 - 5


In this sweet story with both illustrated and photographic elements, as well as lift-the-flaps throughout for little hands to open, Little Brown Bunny wants a hug from Mommy—but where could she be?

Little Brown Bunny wants a hug from Mommy, and sets off to find her. Could Mommy be behind the tall reeds near the pond? No, that’s Duck teaching her ducklings how to swim. Could Mommy be behind the patch of wildflowers? No, that’s just kitten taking a nap in the sunshine. Maybe Mommy is having a snack in the berry bush—but no, it’s only Mouse. Where could Mommy be? Includes easy to manipulate lift-the-flaps throughout.

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