Night Night, Dino-Snores

Author: Nicola Edwards

, Illustrator: Thomas Elliott

$12.99 / CA$17.99

ISBN: 9781680105483 Category:

ON SALE DATE: March 6 2018

PUBLISHER: Tiger Tales


DIMENSIONS: 8.38 in x 9 in

AGE RANGE: 2 - 5


Snuggle up with Sleepy Stegosaurus and his dinosaur friends for a gentle bedtime read with rhyming text, a variety of touch-and-feel textures, and charming illustrations.  

Say good night to the dinosaurs as they settle down to sleep in this gentle bedtime read with rhyming text.  A tiny and tired T-rex enjoys a ride home on Mom’s back; sleepy Stegosauruses look for a comfortable place to lie down; and the Diplodocuses curl up on the ground after spending the day munching leaves. As the stars twinkle in the dark sky, all of the dinosaurs fall asleep. Includes touch-and-feel elements throughout the book and one on the cover!

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