One Grumpy Day

Author: M. Christina Butler

, Illustrator: Tina Macnaughton

$17.99 / CA$23.99

ISBN: 9781680102864 Category:

ON SALE DATE: October 4 2022

PUBLISHER: Tiger Tales


DIMENSIONS: 9.2 in x 11.1 in

AGE RANGE: 3 - 7


This heartwarming story of friendship and determination features the return of the beloved Little Hedgehog and his friends as they search the forest for their friend Fox before night falls.

In this newest installment of the Little Hedgehog and Friends series, Fox is in a terrible mood. Little Hedgehog and his friends try many different things to make Fox feel better–they give him hot chocolate and cookies, and Little Hedgehog even gives him his treasured red hat. Fox begins to feel his bad mood start to fade, but when more unfortunate things happen, his bad mood returns, and he stomps off into the forest. Will Little Hedgehog and the others be able to find Fox before it gets dark? This sweet story introduces themes of friendship, determination, and gratitude.

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