The Ice Giant

Author: Linda Chapman

, Illustrator: Mirelle Ortega

$6.99 / CA$9.50

ISBN: 9781664340015 Category:

ON SALE DATE: November 2 2021


PUBLISHER: Tiger Tales


DIMENSIONS: 5.19 in x 8 in

AGE RANGE: 6 - 9



In this latest adventure at Mermaids Rock, Marina’s father, a scientist, sets off to the Arctic alone on a research mission. But when Marina doesn’t hear from him, she and her friends Kai, Luna, and the others set out on what could be a dangerous adventure to find him.

The walrus population in the Arctic is decreasing every year. Marina’s dad, a scientist, decides to take a trip there alone to see if he can figure out why. Marina is concerned for his safety and makes him promise to let her know every day that he is okay. Kai reassures Marina that her father will be fine, but Marina is still worried. Then she doesn’t hear from her dad for a couple of days, and she worries that something has happened. Can Kai, Luna, and their friends find Marina’s dad before it’s too late?

Join Marina and her mermaid friends in the beautiful coral reef at Mermaids Rock! Whether they’re working together to help sea animals in danger or solving a mystery of the deep, there’s always an adventure to be had with the best friends of Mermaids Rock.

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