The Moonlight Zoo

Author: Maudie Powell-Tuck

, Illustrator: Karl James Mountford

$18.99 / CA$24.99

ISBN: 9781680102918 Category:

ON SALE DATE: October 4 2022

PUBLISHER: Tiger Tales


DIMENSIONS: 10 in x 11.31 in

AGE RANGE: 3 - 7


When Eva can’t find her cat, Luna, she looks under her bed and finds the Moonlight Zoo, a magical place for lost pets and animals. Can Eva find Luna before the zoo disappears at dawn?

Eva has looked everywhere for her missing cat, Luna. Then she discovers the Moonlight Zoo – a magical place for all lost animals and pets. She sees every imaginable animal there–lions, elephants, parrots, dogs, penguins, and even guinea pigs. Can Eva find Luna before the zoo fades at dawn? Features breathtaking illustrations and a wonderful representation of diversity with a hearing-impaired heroine.

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