The Reindeer Girl

Author: Holly Webb

, Illustrator: Simon Mendez

$17.99 / CA$23.99

ISBN: 9781680102215 Category:

ON SALE DATE: September 22 2020


PUBLISHER: Tiger Tales


DIMENSIONS: 5.63 in x 8.25 in

AGE RANGE: 6 - 9


Lotta loves to hear Great-grandmother Erika tell stories of her childhood, herding reindeer in the snowy north of Norway. Lotta dreams of having such adventures, too. Little does she know that her wish is about to come true. The 2nd installment in the Winter Journeys chapter book series from best-selling author, Holly Webb.

One night, just before Christmas, Lotta wakes up to find herself in the world of her great-grandmother’s stories. As a member of a herding family, she has her very own reindeer and calf to take care of. Will Lotta be able to keep them safe in the face of danger in the Arctic winter? And how will she get back home?

Includes additional educational and reference material at the end of the book regarding reindeer and life in Norway.

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