The Secret Shipwreck

Author: Linda Chapman

, Illustrator: Mirelle Ortega

$6.99 / CA$9.50

ISBN: 9781664340442 Category:

ON SALE DATE: February 14 2023


PUBLISHER: Tiger Tales


DIMENSIONS: 5.25 in x 8 in

AGE RANGE: 6 - 9

In this latest installment of the popular Mermaids Rock series, Kai and his friends take a trip to the Red Sea and explore a shipwreck—but when a group of divers shows up, will the friends be able to make it back to Mermaids Rock before being discovered?

Kai, Marina, and their friends decide to use the whirlpool at Mermaids Rock to take a trip to the Red Sea. They find a shipwreck, and Kai is enthralled with the human artifacts that they find there. But Coralie is worried that they’ll be discovered and urges the group to return home. Then a group of divers arrives at the shipwreck, and the friends find themselves in a tricky situation. Will they be able to return to Mermaids Rock without being seen by the humans?

Join Marina and her mermaid friends in the beautiful coral reef at Mermaids Rock! Whether they’re working together to help sea animals in danger or solving a mystery of the deep, the friends at Mermaids Rock will do anything to protect their ocean home and if there is a ripple of adventure, they will find it!

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