The Story Puppy

Author: Holly Webb

, Illustrator: Sophy Williams

$14.99 / CA$19.99

ISBN: 9781680102383 Category:

ON SALE DATE: January 19 2021


PUBLISHER: Tiger Tales


DIMENSIONS: 5.5 in x 8.31 in

AGE RANGE: 6 - 9


Jack is having a hard time at school because he can’t read as well as the other children. One day, he visits an animal shelter with his sister and notices a nervous puppy named Daisy. Jack sits next to Daisy while he practices reading out loud. An uplifting chapter book from the Pet Rescue Adventures series featuring black and white illustrations throughout.

On a visit to an animal rescue with his sister, Jack notices a nervous puppy named Daisy. Jack sits next to Daisy and practices reading out loud to her. Soon, Jack is visiting Daisy at the rescue shelter more often and as Daisy becomes more confident, Jack thinks she is ready to be adopted. But when another family takes an interest in Daisy, Jack is worried that he will lose his friend forever….

Pet Rescue Adventures is a series of heartwarming animal tales. Each book focuses on one kitten or puppy and their unique journey to find their new “forever home”. A wonderful collection of heartwarming tales, perfect for animal lovers!

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