The Winter Wolf

Author: Holly Webb

, Illustrator: Simon Mendez

$7.99 / CA$10.99

ISBN: 9781664340299 Category:

ON SALE DATE: September 20 2022


PUBLISHER: Tiger Tales


DIMENSIONS: 5.38 in x 8.06 in

AGE RANGE: 6 - 9


Amelia is spending Christmas in an old family house when she finds a journal and is magically transported back in time into a wintry world. She finds herself trying save a wolf pup and its mother from hunters–but will she be able to withstand the icy wilderness and make it back home safely?

In this magical time-travel adventure, Amelia and her parents are spending Christmas in an old house that’s been in her family for generations. While exploring the attic, Amelia find a journal written by a long-lost relative around her age. Suddenly, she finds herself magically transported into the wintry world of the journal–and part of a plan to help save a wolf pup and its mother from hunters. Can Amelia help the animals–and find a way to return home safely?

In the Winter Journeys series, readers join the story characters in their exciting time travels to lands of ice and snow!

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